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A Bro-Country Antidote: Mo Pitney

Monday, 01 June 2015 06:39 AM Written by

Saturday night's Chesney-Church-Gilbert concert is history, with fewer logistical issues than before. For those who've OD'ed on that and other  contemporary country fare (exclude Church--I consider him his own man), I give you a new voice, one that will hopefully gain some traction in the very near future.

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One Song, Two Different Treatments

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 06:56 AM Written by

Any song can sound different depending on the genre and the act recording it. Obviously Bob Dylan's takes on classic Sinatra on last year's Shadows In The Night differ greatly from the Sinatra originals. And that's the idea of it. It's interesting to compare the two but not necessarily fair to judge one as better than the other when the approaches differ. Sometimes, the differences are, if nothing else, interesting.

Case in point: the Carlisles and the Crows each tackled the song "No Help Wanted." If nothing else it's an interesting study in contrasts and one of many similar examples.

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Review: 'Guitar Heroes Making History'

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 09:32 AM Written by




Recorded at the July 12, 2013 Vancouver Island MusicFest, the clumsily titled Guitar Heroes Making History (Stony Plain Records) features four guitar icons, one from Britain, two Americans and one Canadian.

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Remembering Johnny Gimble: Everyone's Fiddler

Friday, 22 May 2015 08:20 AM Written by


In a career that began before World War II and ended a decade into the 21st Century, Texas fiddler and electrified mandolin virtuoso John Paul Gimble played with some of the greatest in American music onstage and in the recording studio. His death at 88 on May 9, three weeks before his 89th birthday, coming nearly 40 years after the death of Bob Wills.truly ended an era.

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negri omni series smaller

The end of Joe Negri's longtime residency at the Omni William Penn in favor of more "contemporary" fare certainly stirred more controversy than the hotel itself ever expected. An outcry from local jazz fans including Michelle Kienholz, who sounded the alarm on her Facebook page, led to unexpected media coverage of the matter led to a massive turnout at his final engagement in the lobby on April 24. No one expected the blowback the cancellation generated.

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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you've seen "Person to Person," the Mad Men series finale.

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Long Live The King! B.B. King: 1925-2015

Friday, 15 May 2015 07:00 AM Written by



B.B. King, widely acknowledged as the King of The Blues, in hospice care for only a couple weeks after his health failed, died in his sleep at 9:40 PM Pacific Time. He was 89. He had been in failing health for a while, but for me, the loss feels personal, even though I never crossed paths

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