Jazz & Heritage photos from Joe Rosen; some blues notes

Friday, 25 May 2012 12:14 PM Written by 

My old Burgh blues buddy Joe Rosen seems to show up everywhere good blues are committed to make his usual excellent photographs. This time he's been to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and has produced a spread of great photos for Blues Revue magazine. Enjoy them. And thanks, Joe.

And also, thanks to a few BlueNotes irregulars for their comments recently on the state of the blues. It's always good to think about such things, at least once in a while. I tend to go back and forth a bit -- sometimes feeling like laying my head on that old railroad iron over the state of the blues, and other times marveling at the fine music being produced by a newer generation of players. Some of it is pure old stuff; some of it is not, but it can can still be a great musical experience. Anyway, thanks guys.

Holiday note -- BlueNotes is going to take a little time off for the next week or ten days, so you can continue to talk amongst yourselves. If anyone has a review of a show they liked, I should be able to make that a regular post if you email it to me.



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