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On July 3rd and 4th, Boom Concepts, a new exhibition and art workspace in Garfield, kicked off their grand opening - a two day extravaganza featuring art, live music, free massages, and an Independence Day cookout. People from all over came out to join the Garfield community in welcoming their newest neighbor, Boom. Located at 5139 Penn Avenue, Boom Concepts is occupied by Pittsburgh based media company, Jenesis Magazine, and art duo, Magic Organs (D.S. Kinsel and Julie Mallis).

Boom Concepts is more than a workspace/studio/gallery, it’s also a hub for an underserved arts community. Boom is a studio where artists can congregate and create together. Visit Boom on any given day and odds are, you’ll see Magic Organs painting or Jenesis Magazine shooting an interview; you might also see Carnegie Mellon MFA students installing an exhibition or Rhinestone Steel hosting a vaudeville night. Maybe you’ll just see a bunch of artists shooting the breeze, eating Spak Brothers pizza, but it’s that kind of friendly environment that fosters connection and encourages collaboration.

On Thursday, the first part of the launch, Boom was in full-on gallery mode, exhibiting work from local artists during Garfield’s Unblurred gallery crawl. Upstairs, guests gathered to view the group exhibition featuring local artists: Applecubed, Mariann Colonna, and Makayla Wray. Downstairs, people toured the art studio where Magic Organs does their creating. Magic Organs is a multidisciplinary art team that uses paint, drawing, sculpture, music, video and performance to speak to and connect with young art enthusiasts and communities. Their studio, which houses D.S. and Julie's individual projects as well, was filled with painted canvases and unassembled installations being prepped for the next exhibit. Always busy, the pair had a retrospective exhibition at Bunker Projects on the same night and they had to pull double duty as hosts, going back and forth between galleries.


Friday evening, the opening ceremonies continued with a cookout and live music showcase. Rising Pittsburgh musician, Tairey, set the tone for the evening as the opening DJ, while Thomas Agnew, D.S. Kinsel, and Julie Mallis shared hosting and grilling duties, welcoming everyone into their new space. As the night progressed, a certified masseur set up a station and provided complimentary massages to those in need. Songstress Anqwenique Wingfield serenaded guests, followed by Tairey’s stage return, this time performing his original songs. The night closed with DJ sets from Alexis Icon, and DJ DGAFunk, obliging my Prince request with “I Would Die 4 U”. It was a great night with good people, highlighting why a place like Boom Concepts is important for creative community.

Boom is a classroom, too. With upcoming classes on subjects such as finance, technology and health, they’re committed to serving not just the arts community but the needs of everyday people, too. Jenesis Magazine and Magic Organs feel a sense of responsibility to making life better, as artists, and they’re using their talents to help others and give opportunity to people who might not otherwise have it. They understand that it’s tough for even talented artists to find places that will exhibit their work, which is why they're always willing to give up-and-comers a chance. This kind of collectivism and shared concerns for the health and well-being of neighborhoods is what makes Pittsburgh strong, and it’s what makes Boom necessary and worthy of our support.

While some Pittsburgh art places focus on the work of national and international artists, other organizations welcome local artists with open arms. A lot of these local-art-friendly places reside on Penn Avenue in Garfield, which makes Boom’s location pretty perfect. Not only are these Penn Avenue galleries such as Garfield Artworks, Assemble, Modern Formations, Mr. Roboto and Most Wanted Fine Art showcasing art from locals, helping them to make a living, they’re building and repairing communities. It’s important that we support organizations that are making an effort to give back to this wonderful city. On the first Friday of every month, the Garfield area hosts a free gallery crawl called Unblurred that takes place between the 4800 and 5500 blocks of Penn avenue. If you haven’t been, do yourself a favor and check it out, and be sure to stop by Boom Concepts.


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