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More on Mister Rogers on Netflix

Thursday, 03 September 2015 12:00 AM Written by


Earlier this week we reported on episodes of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" coming to Netflix for the first time.

So which ones made the cut?

Find out after the jump. ...

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Lee Ritenour's 'Twist Of Rit' Reviewed: PG Music Podcast

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 07:06 AM Written by

Some think his records sound like Weather Channel "local forecast" music.  But that's only part of the problem.

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Upper St. Clair's Anthony Jeselnik as 'Last Comic Standing' host

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 12:00 AM Written by

anthony jeselnik

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Even with sweat dappling his face in the midst of an NBC party at Spago, "Last Comic Standing" (10 tonight) host Anthony Jeselnik still comes across as cool and detached, his practiced persona.

A 1997 graduate of Upper St. Clair High School, Jeselnik remains unphased when another reporter, who likes to stir up trouble, brings up Jeselnik's past romantic relationship with comic actress Amy Schumer.

"We're friends now," Jeselnik says. "It's good. She's got the romantic comedy market cornered. I'm happy for her."

The season finale of "Last Comic Standing" looms next week but for Jeselnik, it was months ago. The season was filmed over a two-week period earlier this year and it doesn't necessarily sound like it was the best time for the stand-up comic.

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The Mt. Denali-McKinley Debate: Nashville's Perspective

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 10:28 AM Written by

The controversy over the the proper name for Alaska's Mt. McKinley has been around long before President Obama decided to rechristen it with its native Alaskan name of Denali.

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  Strawberry-Chicken Spinach Wraps PG tested You might not think fruit belongs in a sandwich, but this healthful wrap proves otherwise. Sweet strawberries pair perfectly with roasted chicken and salty feta, while cucumbers and green onions add some crunch. A handful of spinach, meanwhile, doesn’t just add a low-cal dose…

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There's Something About Carnegie, Part 1

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 10:02 AM Written by

Image of the backs of heads of an audience, facing the stage with red drapery curtains in the background. People are seated in the shape of a letter U.

This year marks the Pittsburgh New Works Festival’s 25th anniversary. And for over 20 years it has been presenting new, un-produced one-act plays in a variety of places throughout the city and its environs.

“We never had a physical location,” said Claire DeMarco, the Festival’s president. “Before I even got involved with the Festival there were some shows that occurred in Oakland and then we were in the South Side for some time in the Hamburg Theater that’s right beside City Theatre. After that we were in the Strip District.”

However, three years ago, the Festival found a home in Carnegie.

Why Carnegie?

“This will be our third year in Carnegie,” she said “The Off-The-Wall people, Hans Gruenert runs that establishment, asked us if we were interested in joining them as Carnegie is an up and coming place. We weren’t thinking of leaving McKees Rocks. But it really worked out well. We went and visited them and it was something we decided it was something we wanted to do.”

“When we moved to Carnegie it was probably the best thing that happened to us,” says Mindy Rossi-Stabler the Festival’s Director. “The community there is so welcoming and really eager. The mayor and everybody in the town are just nice people. I’ve got to know a lot of the restaurant people as we spend a great deal of time there. I’m usually there at every show. I spend a lot of time in Carnegie.”

This year’s New Works Festival runs through September 27th. For the four weekends in September audiences will get to see a total of 12 fully produced new plays at Carnegie Stage.

As for how this activity is helping the town of Carnegie, the Festival is taking an active role in collecting that information.

Board member Dek Ingraham shares, "We're a small organization with not a lot of monetary resources, so we've learned to work smarter.  We know a great deal about our audience and our impact on the community by using a variety of data tools from our membership with the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.  We're able to learn about our audience's demographics using the Audience Builder Co-op and have been able to calculate our contribution to the Carnegie community at around $47,000 by using GPAC's Economic Impact Calculator.  We're proud that we can give back to this amazing community that has been so welcoming of our Festival." It doesn't hurt that Dek is also the Technology Specialist at Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

According to Rossi-Stabler the Festival is bringing a whole new set of people to the town. “The month of September is a really vibrant thing there because we’re there Thursday through Sunday,” she said. “I think a lot of people in town really support the businesses.  They come to the theater and go out after. I’m hoping that that’s the case. It’s certainly a lovely community and this space is wonderful. We’re very lucky to be there. I know it’s a really good fit for us and it’s a good fit for them as well.”


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Your Century Ride's Final Preparation

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 05:09 AM Written by
  Finally, for those who may suffer with lower back or neck issues in the past, the extended riding time will make more demands on these massage conducive parts of the body. Let’s start by saying that even the most experienced rider and person least likely to have back or…

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