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Dan Hicks: 1941-2016 - A Fan Reflects

Monday, 08 February 2016 07:47 AM Written by

Like most malls in and around Pittsburgh in the 70's, Greensburg's long-gone Greengate Mall had a National Record Mart. I was making my regular run there in 1971 when I saw an LP by Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks titled Where's The Money? I'd heard a bit about the band in Rolling Stone and in that decade long before iTunes, Spotify or even CD's, sometimes employees would slit the plastic shrink wrap on a new LP and play it on request.

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Rating the Super Bowl 50 commercials

Monday, 08 February 2016 12:00 AM Written by


In Friday's column, Duquesne University marketing professor Audrey Guskey mentioned how so many Super Bowl ads are released before the game and how this sort of ruins the magic of the ads and has led viewers to say the commercials have not been as good in recent years.

So this year, I made a point of avoiding the ads before the game to see if I still felt -- as I have in recent years -- that the Super Bowl spots are less impressive than in the past.

And guess what? Not watching the ads in advance did nothing to make me fall in love with the spots as they aired during the game Sunday night. Some were funny, some were cute but often my reaction was just "meh."

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  As we’ve been discussing the value of training indoors while we wait for a more “permanent” Spring to arrive, the question has arisen – “What do we actually do indoors besides whatever the Spinning® instructor is telling us”. It’s true that most Indoor Cycling instructors do not design outdoor…

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Let the music speak for itself...

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Bayonetta 'Smash Bros.' Strategy Guide

Thursday, 04 February 2016 11:46 AM Written by

BayonettaBayonetta was just released on February 3 as the newest character on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I tested out her moves and controls for several hours and put together a strategy guide that runs down her best abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

She's going to be a character to watch once the competitive scene spends enough time with her. Her air attacks can easily string together powerful combos, and her range game isn't bad either. Her recovery is one of the best in the game, as she's able to get back to the stage from just about any distance. Witch Time is a strong alternative to usual counters found in Little Mac or the Fire Emblem characters. 

As a nice touch, Nintendo added her appearance from "Bayonetta 1" and "2." Check out the video below for the full Bayonetta guide. Feel free to add me on Wii U for some online play. The Nintendo ID is "GameGuyPgh."

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  tuned in podcast logo

Post-Gazette media writer Maria Sciullo and online features editor Sharon Eberson join me to discuss “Outsiders," "Grease: Live!" and "Downton Abbey."

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Dion Di Mucci's New Album Reviewed: PG Music Podcast

Thursday, 04 February 2016 08:09 AM Written by

This week on "Believe Your Ears," I review the new album by Dion DiMucci: "New York Is My Home," produced by Conan O'Brien bandleader and guitarist Jimmy Vivino.

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