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'Lost' exhibit at Paley Center West

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 04:04 PM Written by

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- It's been four years since "Lost" went off the air but a new exhibit at the West Coast branch of The Paley Center shows off props and costumes from the series leading up to a charity auction.

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  We all know that stress is bad for us. Stress-related chronic diseases impact an enormous amount of people; it is estimated that 70% of deaths in the United States each year are from chronic diseases (1), and two-thirds of Americans now believe that their stress has a moderate or…

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wizard wars

What happened to make magic shows so hot a commodity? Already this month The CW debuted "Masters of Illusion" and "Penn & Teller: Fool Us." Now Penn & Teller turn up in another magic series, Syfy's "Wizard Wars" (10 tonight).

That attempt to connect a magic show to the sci-fi/fantasy realm doesn't extend beyond the title -- no one shows up wearing robes or a pointy hat -- but the show itself is fairly entertaining.

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A couple years ago, I blogged here about Taylor Swift, contending while she could not be considered a country performer in the conventional sense, she had succeeded in doing something Nashville had tried to do for decades and failed: bring a younger audience to country with a totally different sound.  I said at the time that I doubted Music Row would jump on the bandwagon. 

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  There is still quite a bit of speculation over who exactly is responsible for the original design of the Tower of Pisa. Angled at almost four degrees, this iconic structure leans as a testament to poor structural engineering to this day. Pisano, Diotisalvi or whoever the real architect was…

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DBcoverI grew up with a household PC that was limitedly effective, but overall inadequate. It carried out the few tasks that were expected of it like an early web service called Prodigy, and Encarta digital encyclopedia. Throw in a word processor and you have the three main tasks of my childhood PC. Gaming was not on its short list of can-do tasks. The only game character it was familiar with was Mavis Beacon.


It was because of this PC that I missed out on the “Diablo” series. The popular game from Blizzard was not in my computer’s prevue. In fact, this PC wouldn’t even know what to do with it due to its lack of CD ROM drive. Throughout the years, I instead experienced the many “Diablo” console clones like “Hunter: The Reckoning” and “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.” I now admit that I enjoyed these games through a naïve lens having never played the game that inspired their cooperative progression.


“Diablo 2” eventually released for consoles, but by that time the series had passed me by. I had little interest. That was until “Diablo 3” was released for next-gen consoles and I was tasked with giving it the review treatment. It only took a couple hours of playtime to show me what I had been missing.

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TV commercial seeks Steelers man cave

Monday, 18 August 2014 08:40 AM Written by

Think you have the ultimate Steelers man cave? Then a commercial producer wants you!

Read the Pittsburgh Film Office's solicitation after the jump. ...

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  Good morning readers. This is an exciting week for us: we have Gene on Monday, Tim on Tuesday, Adrienne on Wednesday, Suzanne on Thursday with her introduction and I plan on finishing the week with a post of my own. Yes, you read that correctly, we will be posting…

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